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First priority

16. 03. 10
posted by: José Miguel Suárez Martínez
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The most relevant priority of this project is the development of both basic and transversal competencies. This is achieved with work based on observation and interaction in the environment of each centre, usage of foreign languages and participation in activities involving each countrys own sociocultural context analysis and its contrast with the other countries involved in the project.



By developing the communicative competence in English students are made aware that using a common language opens minds and borders and allows them to share extremely enriching academic and personal experiences. Social and civic competence as well as digital competence form part of the core substrate of the project which is aimed at analysing the social reality to subsequently share and compare these realities with each other, always within the subject of Human Rights.

Moreover, the realisation of the project implies a change in the structure of the centres. Necessarily it entails methodological and procedural changes in the development of teaching programs of every subject. Similarly, it will foster the configuration of new subjects in the standard curriculum. This way, for instance, in the Spanish centre the implementation of the project and the realisation of one of its intellectual products (G1O4) will imply the provisioning of content to a new subject, Audiovisual Culture, which will be implemented in the centre from the school year 2016-2017, for both 1st and 2nd Secondary school degrees (Organic Law for the Improvement of Educational Quality approved by Royal Decree 1105/2014, of December 26th).


Human Rights in a European Community of Values