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Budget control staff and time management

16. 03. 18
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Budget management is centralised in these cases in the coordinating partner IES CABO DE LA HUERTA. The project development Committee will appoint two people responsible for budget control according to their academic background and previous experience. In the first transnational meeting budgetary control strategies and those to be responsible for the financial management of each participating institution will be specified. To ensure that budgetary control is conducted properly, we suggest that the University of Alicante is, in turn, auditor of our economic management.

Instruments for budgetary control and certification.

Annual allocations will be transferred directly to members upon receipt of each of the budget items. Both in mobility and transnational meetings, the coordinating centre will provide through mobility reports the justification expenditures per person duly recorded.

Budgetary control tools.

Google Drive Sheets. Through spreadsheets located and shared with all partners calculation on Cloud Google Drive all budget specifications will initially be quantified to subsequently settle the various items: income, expenses, invoices, travels... insofar as these occur.

Time management control-

The Google Cloud Drive tool: Gantter Project. It will be used to manage, share and develop the entire project planning based on the Gantt model which is based on four pillars: Tasks, resources, timing and risks. The Finnish partner Limingan Lukio will be in charge of the area of ​​responsibility 'Monitoring and Control'. Their work will be:

1. To perform a general planning of the due tasks to be developed during each quarter, which later on each of the responsible countries will specifically concretise.

2. To post in the appropriate section of the website the timing of the project in order to achieve a proper time management.

3. All this in order to foment communication amongst schools and provide information to families.

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