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Profile of the personal involved in quality assessments

16. 03. 18
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Project organising centre

    - Director: project supervision.

    - Coordinator (contact person): deadlines compliance, implementation of the project. Realising tasks within the allotted time can become one of the most conflicting situations. Therefore, special attention to fulfilling the schedule will be provided.

    - ICT Coordinator: communication, documentation, social networking, project platform. 

    - Project team work: compliance with the contents of the project established since its inception. 

    - Management Team: Public Relations, local impact, media impact.

University of Alicante

The collaboration of the University of Alicante in the form of continuous assessment and as a training centre for teachers involved in the project through specific actions such as workshops and seminars will be essential. The University will also participate in the preparation of activities (methodology), materials, guides ... The participation of the UA is considered a quality criterion that guarantees per se the rigour of the project. 

Students from all schools involved in the project will also act as an evaluating agent, especially of everything generated by the project itself and implemented in classrooms. They will assess whether the activities, materials... are motivating, whether the methodology and levels are appropriate, or if general objectives are achieved.

Families will evaluate the host plan, its organisation and the extent to which participating in the project has affected their family environment.

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