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Activities and progress indicator

16. 03. 17
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The realisation of designed intellectual products, as well as the celebration of multiplier events and programmed activities will be the indicator that will help us determine whether or not the goals of the project have been achieved.

The project's success shall be measured in terms of degree of participation and involvement in it of the entire educational community: families, students, teachers (eTwinning, website, active participation, transnational meetings...) and other local strata (neighbourhood associations, non-governmental organisations, institutions ...) as well as by the repercussion and impact on the city: resonance in the media, participation in the project of relevant people related to the Human Rights topic, publication of articles in specialised magazines, monitoring of activities (exhibitions, concerts...), implementation of material generated in other national and international schools...

At the end of each year of the project, and especially at the end thereof, specific "deliverables" will be established (surveys, group or personal interviews, questionnaires, number of visits to the portal, impact on the mass media -number of appearances, pages or minutes dedicated...) that will allow us to objectively assess, by analysing the instruments used, if the initial objectives have been attained and if a shift in consciousness and an assumption of values have been experienced, especially in the educational community, with regard to Human Rights issues. 

Human Rights in a European Community of Values