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Added Value of the Project

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1. Incorporation of education in values as leitmotif of all project activities from an educational framework claiming freedom, solidarity, equal opportunities, social cohesion, active citizenship and democratic culture.


2. Development of teaching-learning strategies aimed at incorporating educational competences into the teaching methodology such as digital skills, linguistics (mother tongues and foreign languages), environment interaction and social and civic competence.


3. Implementation of innovative teaching methods and programs directly related to the job market (collaborative networking, strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), virtual mobility, free teaching and learning materials (REA)).


4. Collaboration with local NGOs, institutions and University, which allows to incorporate into the work framework of each school an approach more focused on interacting with the surrounding social, economic and institutional environment.


5. Development of multimedia products that will be transferred to the web platform and all interactions fostered by eTwinning projects.

on 17 March 2016
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Human Rights in a European Community of Values