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Objectives of the project

16. 03. 17
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1. To promote democratic values, social cohesion, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue that frames the four objectives of the ET 2020 strategy. The overall implementation of this objective in our project is accomplished by reappraising the paradigm offered by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights within the educational context. Therefore we are promoting democratic values. We implement de facto this objective by developing intellectual activities and products aimed at addressing the development of Social Competence and Citizenship.


2. To include in the educational context the priorities of the European Agenda 2020, namely to guarantee social and territorial cohesion" as well as "promoting equity, social cohesion and active citizenship, driven by Strategy 2020. We will develop this goal by collaborating with NGOs (Entreculturas, Alicante Acoge, Amnesty International, Dar Al Karama, Red Cross, UNHCR, Intermon, UNICEF), local and regional institutions (Ayuntamiento de Alicante, Síndic de Greuges de la Comunitat Valenciana) as well as higher education institutions (University of Alicante).


3. To promote the studentsabilities to be able to develop strategies to determine how to act and solve problems and find the right scenarios to solve disputes, through dissemination of existing Peer Tutoring (TEI) programs available in the associated countries.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values