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Educational portal about Human Rights

16. 04. 18
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Web portal dedicated to hosting project material. All partners will be able to publish content on the portal; it will draw on generated multimedia materials.

Educational portal managed with Joomla CMS (Content Management System) tool in a decentralised manner by each of the centres where the publishable material referent to the various project activities will be monitored.


The objectives of the portal are:

- To create an information structure of decentralised access to serve as a backbone of the whole project material.

- Each centre designates a person in charge of managing the publication of content by teachers and students.

- To manage the scheduling of the various phases (activities, mobilities, events...) of the project.

- To provide a support platform where outputs, schedules and the different stages of the project development will be transferred.

- To provide support and disseminate the realisation of activities.

- To gather intellectual material and multimedia activities that each partner generates.

- To provide a platform for interaction amongst all project partners that enables joint collaborative activities.

The contents included are the following:

- Themed items for each right developed in all centres.

- Symposium items and themed conferences.

- Working-galleries slides.

- Videos: concerts, lip-dubs, visits, exchanges,...

- Discussion forums and information exchange.

- Social network of each country.

- Scheduling, phases, events, etc.

- Partners e-Twinning material.

- Reports of the activities of each mobility.

- Monitoring human rights in the context of each country.

Organisation leading the activity: IES CABO DE LA HUERTA

Human Rights in a European Community of Values