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Lecture series of educational content

16. 04. 18
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The Finnish partner will be responsible for organising a series of lectures given by experts in the field of education at the University of Oulu, collaborating partner of the project. The situation of minorities and the disabled in Finland, depending on the specific rights allocated to the Finnish partner, will be primarily addressed, as well as social work with these groups.

Its development will coincide with the mobility assigned to this partner, so that its impact will be enhanced by involving teachers and students of the visitor centres and their own.

Moreover, the added value of these conferences will become more relevant when published in prestigious magazines and international portals in the sector (Amnesty International, Handicapped Union...). Equally, this material will be available in the educational portal

This way, the difficulties that minority groups and the disabled may encounter will be highlighted, extrapolating conclusions obtained in the mobility in Finland to particularise the cases that can be applied to each of the participating countries.

The experts work above mentioned will not only be aimed at delivering the lectures. It is intended, through visits to various sites related to the objectives of the project, to investigate and collect data for later processing and to conduct and disseminate scientific research, counting with the recognition of the University of Oulu. Also, it will be proposed that one student of this University conducts an End-of-Degree Project.

Organisation leading the development: Limingan lukio

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