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The University of Alicante participates in an Erasmus + project on Human Rights in the European Community

16. 04. 26
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The Vice Chancellor of International Relations, Juan Llopis, met today with representatives of the project, and presented an educational guide on Human Rights, developed by professors from the UA.

April 22, 2016.- The Vice Chancellor of International Relations, Juan Llopis, have today held a meeting with representatives of institutional HUMREV project (Human Rights in a community of values) that is part of the Erasmus + program of the European Union. The project will last two years and has the participation of four European institutes (Poland, Germany, Italy and Finland), and one of Alicante (IES Cabo de la Huerta); two universities (Alicante and Oulu Finland) and the collaboration of the NGO Entreculturas.
By the UA, teachers Macario Alemany (Philosophy of Law) involved; Antonio de Murcia (Spanish Studies, Linguistics and Literature); Carlos Martin (Department of Ecology) and Antonio Martinez (Biotechnology). AU teachers involved in the project, is developed an interesting Teaching Guide on Human Rights, which has been presented today to the other members of the project, after the institutional reception.

The project:
Human Rights in a community of values ​​(HUMREV), proposes a reflection on the current and actual situation of human rights in the framework of the European Community, according to the challenges posed by the different initiatives and European agendas on the horizon 2020. The project will be developed mainly in schools and will last for two years. Those involved say they will use a methodology that helps to reinforce values ​​such as freedom, solidarity, equality, tolerance, active and democratic citizenship, and at the same time, develop language and digital skills
Among the proposed objectives include also incorporate more actively the issue of human rights in the curricula and in this sense, they will generate innovative materials likely to be used by any school interested. The participation of two universities (Alicante and Oulu) and NGOs as Entreculturas, ensure the rigor of the project, while acting as a support for intellectual products.
Among European partners involved are the Gymnasium in der Taus Backnang (Germany), recognized as School without racism; IIS Guido Monaco Di Pomposa (Italy), experienced in working immersion students after their academic stage; Limingan Lukio Institute of Limink (Finland), reflecting the country's excellent educational system and very interested in the study of minorities; and Gimnazjum Nr 21 Gorzow (Poland) which will address issues related to religious tolerance. As organizer, the IES Cabo de la Huerta de Alicante brings experience Educational Center Solidario, integrated network of Youth Solidarity and involved in environmental programs and sustainability, a fact to be highlighted as part of the project is dedicated to Justice environmental.
Among all partners they have designed activities "long haul" to be held coinciding with mobilities of students, including sporting events, thematic workshops, visits to centers for the disabled, volunteers, debates, concerts and exhibitions are detailed.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values