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17. 01. 09
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Finland is responsible for reporting long haul activies of participating countries of Erasmus+ Humrev.

Please write, what the plan and situation of the long haul activities is in your school?


Finland: Limingan lukio

Studens have started to make a blog: Human Rights and minorities. Gallery walking of Human Rights is ready and will be located in a lobby of Limingan lukio. 18.11.2016 we had a Children's Right day activity with four primary school classes. Visits for elderly home care are done by students of course of social activity and will continue. Senior Surf- event for elderly was the first week of October 2016, our students helped old people with mobiles and tablets at library. Visits to meet disabled and to do co-operation will be during the Transnational meeting and Mobility. Analysis of architectural barriers to develop empathy with students with funtional disabilities using wheelchairs will be done during Mobility in Finland. Visit of Amnesty International and visit to immigrant centre of Oulu will be done in a year 2017. We will make a happening at  27th January "Non Violance day - a Peace day", may be also the International Women's Day on 8th March and The Earth's Day on 21st April.


Germany: Gymnasium in der Taus

Human Rights became a huge part of our curricular in year 10 (History and Politics). We adjusted the state's curricular. The Students' Council is also doing regular activities focusing on people whose rights have been trespassed upon, to say the least.

Our school is part of the german schools without racism - schools with courage network


Italy: IIS Guido Monaco di Pomposa

For the Children's Rights Day we have prepared a walking gallery with some materials provided by Human Science students after visiting the nursery school in Codigoro. On Monday 21 the gallery will be the meeting place of students and a short video will be made. This morning we showed our 4th -year students a UNICEF video about children's rights and then we discussed about the meaning of a day celebrating such special rights.


Poland: Gimnazjum nr 21

I'm having the Children's Rights Day on the 22nd November (the Art Gallery and drawing competition + a quiz to be done during the classes (alreadyin the curriculum), Peace Day on the 27th January, Women's Day on the 8th March and The Earth's Day the 21st of April


Spain: IES Cabo de la Huerta

All departments have worked on activities related to the International Children's Day, the Right to work and they have started some activities related to the rights of Minorities during this term. The report with the detailed activities is as follows:

      Children's Rights Day activities (November, 21st):


           Arts and Craft Department.

  • Exhibition: drawings with monotype technique on Children's Rights
    P.E. Dept.:

  • Race for Children`s Rigths
    ICT. Dept.:

  • Trivial Pursuit about Children`s Rights.

           Spanish Language Dept.:

  • Cineforum about the movie: “Binta y la gran idea” ,  
    Javier Fesser ( UNICEF)

  • Text reading and commenting: “Material sensible. Cuentos crueles”, by Jordi Serra i Fabra.

           Religion Dept.

  • Exhibition of banners on the rights of children.

  • Exhibition: “Forest of the childhood”. (Arts and Crafts and Ethics departments)

           Ethics Department:

  • Multimedia presentation: “Rights of Children”.

           Geography and History Dept.

  • Childhood in History.

           English Language Dept.:

  • Making posters about children's rights.

  • Cineforum of the movie: Oliver Twist.

           Orientation Dept.:

  • Other Childhood.

           Valencian Language  and Music Dept.:

  • Concert of songs about childhood sung in Valencian

           Sciences Dept.:

  • Workshop on Right to drinking water

  • Workshop on the Right to anatomical integrity: the ablation of clitoris.

           Latin Dept.

  • Workshop on “The Red Chair”, Right to education.


      Children's Rights, Right to Work and Minorities activities during 1st term.

           P.E. Dept.

  • Making off Children’s Rigths Race.

  • Paralympic Sports League.

  • Human Rights Awareness Campaign in the Internal Sports League.

  • Start of storyboard: “Refugiados”. (with ICT Dept.)

  • Exhibition of murals: Disability and sport

           Valencian Language  Dept.:

  • Writing and exposition in class:

           Writers and Human Rigths. Human rights violations. The fight of

           Clara Campoamor. Human rights and cinema

           Ethics and History Departments:

  • Workshop on the topic: Why does it look like there are no female artists?

           Various Departments:

  • Video: Interviews with people related to human rights.

           Spanish Language Dept.:

  • Writing: What are human rights for you?

           Sciences Dept.:

  • Mural: Right to anatomical integrity. Genital mutilation.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values