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Disemination report

17. 11. 12
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Report of the situation of dissemination of the HUMREV project through the eTwinning platform and other broadcasting systems.

Person in charge Mrs Giacinta Fogli

As regards the dissemination through eTwinning and through other media from January 2017 to June 2017 the situation is the following:

1. All the teachers involved in the project have signed up on the eTwinning platform; some Spanish teachers have signed up but haven't received the "accepted" to be in the project site.

2. Almost all the teachers involved in the project have already learnt how to use the eTwinning platform and they are improving their command of them;


3. Almost all the teachers have already learnt how to use the Twinspace platform and they are improving their command of them;

4. All the partners have already created their folders and uploaded files, video and pictures about the project;

6. Almost all the partners have uploaded materials or links to the H-Days except Poland.

7. All the partners have registered some of the students as participants – members to the project

on eTwinning-Twinspace. Not having some Spanish teachers been accepted in the project's

etwinning page unables them to register students.

8. All the partners have created or taken part to live events connected to HUMREV on the

eTwinning platform.

9. Almost all partners have uploaded links to press broadcast systems except Poland.

10. The means of dissemination that have been used since January 2017 are:

- Finland: newspapers (4 articles), fact sheets to parents and students, websites (5)

- Germany: newspapers and websites

- Italy: newspapers (2 articles), the book commemorating the 50th anniversary of our school, websites (3)

- Poland: websites

- Spain: newspapers (3 articles 9th March, 9th May), TV interview (13th June ), 30th anniversary Erasmus+ celebration Madrid (4 students and 1 teacher), HUMREV website (all activities uploaded), Atando Cabos (School magazine): 3 articles

11. All countries are going to disseminate through newspapers, local radios or TV if possible (Finland and Italy). Italy is going to publish a booklet with the most meaningful activities. Spain has already done so and is going to do so too in the future.

12. The outputs and the activities of the project have been disseminated in all the partners’schools, in other schools (Italy, Finland, Germany), in universities (Finland, Spain), in organizations (Finland, Germany, Italy and Spain), and in local authorities (all partners). German teachers have been asked to speak at a pro-Europe meeting in July.

13. Dissemination through the activities has involved parents and families (all partners), local citizens (all partners), asylum seekers and immigrants (all partners), journalists (all partners). Finland has also disseminated in:

-Visitor center of the Bay Liminganlahti (Metsähallitus and Liminka municipality), visits and accommodation and place for farewell party, snowshoeing (Heli Suurkuukka, Teemu Haapala)

-Tiernapojat –presentation during Transnational meeting in Finland (four girls)

-people living in care homes in Tyrnävä Pentinkulma and -people using services in day activity center of Toimintakeskus Liminka

14. All countries are going to continue the dissemination through the means mentioned in 11

and 12.

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