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Report of freedom of thought, conscience and religion quizs

17. 01. 11
posted by: Barbara Dalidowicz (GIMNAZJUM NR 21)
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Freedom of thought, conscience and religion is a very important element of our societies. Generally, Europe is still Christian, although it differs in its main faiths: Catholic and Protestant. The citizens of countries taking part in the research are Christian, however there is some dissonance in the attitude to rituals. There is a tendency to cease religious practice.

Our societies, although modern, keep the political and cultural traditions of previous generations. We can also notice our attachment to given rights and we believe our countries provide and protect the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

A very important element for the respondents was a family, as it is the source of our attachment to religion. We can assume, that in a few decades the family will play significant role in building the society, yet it will not be for the reasons of continuing religious traditions. On the other hand, challenges the Europeans have to face nowadays may cause going back to cultural roots.

A considerable part of respondents did not experience religious discrimination. Can we say then that we live in a friendly place where otherness is appreciated and differences respected? In the context of problems we experience in Europe nowadays, we cannot be sure.

Finally, the research showed our attachment to human rights, therefore we have to remember, that our freedom ends where other people’s freedom begins. 

Human Rights in a European Community of Values