First Europass Mobility Report

17. 01. 11
posted by: Barbara Dalidowicz (GIMNAZJUM NR 21)
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All the partners are to obliged to prepare Europass Mobility documents after every Mobility week.

The procedure of preparing documents differs depending on every country. All the partners have already contacted their National Agencies and checked the procedures they have to follow.

Italian, Spanish and Polish members are also going to prepare Europass documents for teachers, the Finnish are not, while the Germans have not decided yet. The Spanish partners would like the skills for teachers to be agreed for all partners.

All the members, except for the Finnish, are going to prepare Europass documents in two languages (English and their mother tongue).

Italian and Polish teams have already prepared the Europass documents after the Mobility in Poland and Italy. During the Transnational meeting in Finland they had the documents confirmed by the coordinators of hosting schools. Other teams are to supposed to prepare the documents and send them by snail mail to the hosting school to confirm or bring them to Mobility in Finland.