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First Impact Report

17. 01. 11
posted by: Tordis Hoffman (GYMNASIUM IN DER TAUS)
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All five partners have reported they have noticed a general interest in the project’s topics. Especially the students involved have shown an increasing interest and deeper concern for the topic.

Furthermore, in all schools there is a noticeable effect beyond the project. In several subjects like RE, PE, History and Foreign Languages, Human Rights have become a topic to be discussed and reflected. One class even wants to have their compulsory novel changed to one dealing with human rights (in a foreign language).

Not only in classes has this effect been noticeable but also throughout the whole school life this project has left its footmarks. The displays and gallery walks have attracted other students and raised their concern noticeable. Projects like a “Paralympic Volleyball” competition, in which the whole Spanish school was included, also drew the attention towards the rights of human beings, in this case the people with special needs. But outside the school, the effect has not been so noticeable yet. Even though the public was informed by radio shows and articles in the newspapers, direct feed-back from people not involved has not been reported by any school.


Within the schools the project has been welcomed by parents, colleagues and students alike. Many colleagues and students have been eager to help and volunteered to help. Parents have even asked for special meetings to get more information on the topic and the results of the students’ work. It was noticed that more people show empathy towards people having their rights respected, especially people in need.

By charity fund-raising activities, like a ruffle or a Christmas market, local and international NGOs have been supported with thousands of Euros.

All schools are very content and pleased with the impact this project has had on the school’s communities and the participants in general. We hope that we can influence the wider public even more throughout the duration of the project. A change in attitudes is at the moment hard to state but we are confident, that we will be able to see and report that at the end of the project. So far we all have noticed that the awareness of one’s obligation to know and protect humans rights has risen.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values