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Testimony about the concentration camps

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posted by: Testimony about the concentration camps. IES CABO DE LA HUERTA (Spain)
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Three weeks ago I was in some concentration camps, in Poland. This is the place where the Jews were prisoners. They were tortured until they died because of tiredness, hunger or thirst by the Nazis, the Nazis usually killed them without reason.

On the one hand, I liked the concentration camps because I realized the human’s cruelty and you could see and learn what happened a few years ago. I was able to put myself in the Jew's shoes and I raised awareness. On the other hand, I didn’t like it because when I was there I felt a lot of sadness because of the Jews’ death and because I imagined the Jews’ suffering. It was a bitter experience.

I think it should be kept open, because the people should realize what happened and what the Jews lived.


Iván San Martín Fernández

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