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My experience in Auschwitz

16. 10. 10
posted by: Enrique Hernández Carreto. IES CABO DE LA HUERTA (Spain)
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Last June, with the Erasmus + project, some students from different countries visited Poland in order to work on human rights.

In the project it was included a visit to the most famous concentration camp: Auschwitz.

There were two camps, Auschwitz and Birkenau (Auschwitz II) that were connected; the second one was built because there wasn’t enough space for all the prisoners.

In the first one we could see the belongings of the prisoners, when they arrived at the camp, all their stuff was stolen, stuff like: shoes, glasses, suitcases, prosthesis. And we also saw the death gas.

In the second one we saw where the prisoners used to work, sleep, the life conditions and gas chambers. We could see also the wagon where prisoners were moved.

It was a great experience to be there because we learnt history and what Nazis did to the prisoners during the war and we have to know the history because then we cannot repeat it.


Enrique Hernández Carreto



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