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My visit to Auschwitz

16. 12. 12
posted by: Lorenzo Trevisani
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The visit to Auschwitz was an experience that I don’t think I’ll be able to forget anytime soon. I’m not going to lie though, once we got there, I knew I was supposed to feel something, but I wasn’t feeling much. Then we entered the first no-photos room, and I saw the Jews’ hair. Confronting myself with the physical manifestation of those atrocities simply shocked me; such feeling didn’t last long though, as for almost the whole visit, my mind was dominated by anger. They weren’t just killed, but humiliated, tortured, and what remained of them was used by the Nazis to make money (for example, they would use hair to make clothing).

In conclusion, I’ll never more look at the holocaust in the same way, and I’m thankful that I saw what it actually was like then. It’s important that we don’t forget these acts of sheer cruelty, otherwise not only will newer generations look at them as simple things of the past, but we’ll probably end up repeating them.

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