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Visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau

16. 12. 12
posted by: Emma Sancisi
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On Wednesday 8 June we visited Auschwitz and Birkenau , the two camps dating back to World War II, near Krakow. I think it was a useful day , because in the books you cannot imagine the immensity of these places and the effects they can have on us. Everything at large elicits mixed emotions , the anger at those who committed these injustices , the pity for the victims . In spite of that I think it's useful to see all this, to empathize and understand that it's all true, and so remember for not repeating these things. After the visit to the camp, I felt sad and puzzled because to see how far can get the cruelty made ​​me think. The thing that impressed me the most were the absurd conditions in which were the victims, who were lifted any rights and dignity.

I remember everything about the visit because everything has shocked me. Other people seemed quite shocked. I think these places should continue to exist and be open to visitors to remember everything that has happened, trying not to make it happen any more.

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