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Human Rights in a European Community of Values

16. 04. 18
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Venue location: Spain

Organisation leading the activity: IES CABO DE LA HUERTA.

Public presentation of the different intellectual products that have been developed during the project.

The event will be held in different areas of the city of Alicante during the week of mobility that is assigned to this partner.

At the Mediterranean House, in the presence of local, regional and academic institutions, different intellectual products (Methodological Guide, published articles about conclusions drawn from lectures, educational portal...) will be presented.

A roundtable/public debate in which project participants will be represented (students, teachers, institutions) will take place. In this meeting conclusions and contributions of the project for the life of the school and the city in which they are situated will be analysed and assessed. The basis of the final evaluation of the project will also be established.

Conference by Teresa Rodriguez Montañés, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid): Gender Equality, Health and Human Rights.

Presentation of the exhibition "Human Rights Watch in Europe". It consists of a presentation in murals of selected media news warning about the violation of Human Rights that have been worked on throughout the project.

To conclude, a Final Project Concert will be held in the cultural hall of the city of Alicante Las Cigarreras" with the participation of different bands of the Alicante partner along with European students that participate in the mobility. Also, different associations and musical groups linked to the neighbourhood and the city will participate.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values