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Mobilities: Learning/Teaching Activities

Mobility is one of the key elements of this project. First, one of the main priorities of the project is to promote and enhance studentscontact with different socio-cultural realities of the European Union, in order to contribute to generating a sense of belonging to a common European space. It is therefore essential that students value the need for a common communication tool that will be in our case the English language. Also, the mobilities are essential for successfully completing the work done by all partners during a quarter.

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Mobility of students of the associated centres that are received in Alicante. This time participants are housed in studentshomes of IES Cabo de la Huerta of Alicante.

During the mobility students will perform a series of activities prepared by the University of Alicante related to Environmental Justice.

Activities will include:

- Environmental tour through the different ecosystems of the Mediterranean landscape of Alicante. This tour will be accompanied by a field work on ecological sustainability, inequalities and risks it may present.

   - Littoral: Tabarca island.

   - Wetlands: Hondo de Elche.

   - Mountain: Font Rotja.

- Field work on environmental diversity of urban spaces: deprived neighbourhoods, residential neighbourhoods, tourist areas...

- Participation and collaboration in the environmental awareness campaign.

- Collaboration in the preparation of conclusions drawn from field work.

- Monographic itineraries of the University of Alicante Campus: architectural, botanical, geological and gender equality.

- Creation and integration in the curriculum of educational material related to environmental justice.

- Workshop on first-person experiences of immigrant and migrant students.

- European Parliament simulation by discussing and producing a consensus document on issues related to Human Rights.

- Creation of a calendar of Human Rights.

- Analysis of sports situation and legislation regarding women in Europe.

Also, students will collaborate on the elaboration of final conclusions of the project.

Participation in the multiplier event that was mentioned in a previous section.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values