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Third Mobility: Liminka, Finland

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Mobility of students of the associated centres that are received by the Finnish partner. Participants are housed in studentshomes of the Finnish centre. During the mobility students will perform a series of activities prepared by the Finnish centre which will be based on minorities and the disabled.

- Participation in specialised seminars about various topics related to education and Human Rights.

- Programmed visits to an Amnesty International centre, a care centre for the disabled, a care home for the elderly and a reception centre for immigrants.

- Participation of all students in the preparation of a video-clip that will gather the experiences of students in the previous visit.

- First contact with the Finnish education system to directly experience the qualities of a system specially appreciated in the European education field.

- Sharing of the different strategies and measures intended to prevent problems and difficulties in the implementation of Human Rights. Creation of a resource bank that combines the experiences of the different partners on this field.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values