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Fourth Mobility: Backnang, Germany

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Mobility of students of the associated centres that are received by the German partner. Participants are housed in studentshomes of the German centre. During the mobility students will perform a series of activities prepared by the German centre, all with the common theme of migratory flows and asylum rights.

- Walking Gallery made from materials collected from the online magazine "You and Me".

- Solidarity musical concert with local projection.

- Visit to the European Parliament.

- Preparation and presentation of a video-clip related to the different migratorysituations and issues.

- Cooperation among students from different countries to define the final conclusions of the e-Twinning project that the German centre has coordinated on freedom of movement and asylum rights.

- Sharing of the different strategies and measures intended to intervene in the resolution of problems and difficulties observed in the implementation of Human Rights. Creation of a resource bank that combines the experiences of the different partners on this field.

- Exchange of experiences on conflict resolution and mediation in the nearest areas affecting the life of the associated centres (school, neighbourhood, town, region, state).

Human Rights in a European Community of Values