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17. 11. 12
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Oct 15th -16th


Ferrara railway station transfer

Monday, Oct 17th

-Official opening of the mobility week at the IIS “Guido monaco di Pomposa” : the guest students and teachers were welcomed by the host school Vice Principal Mr Roberto Manzoli. After that, the Italian coordinator of the project greeted all the participants of the project and introduced two guests: Mr Stefano Adami the representative from the municipality of Codigoro in charge of the Economic Development, and a EU Project Manager at SIPRO Development Agency based in Ferrara, Mrs Chiara Franceschini, who talked about special ‘business incubators’ meant for young people.

After that the students of partner schools from Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain, presented their schools with 3-minute videos that were followed by the multimedia presentations, including interviews, about the Right to Work in each of the partner countries.

-At the end of the official part of the meeting a quick lunch at the swimming pool café next to the school.

After that, guest and Italian teachers and students went on an excursion to the Benedictine Abbey of Pomposa and to the naturalistic beach of Volano.

  • to integrate and introduce all the students and teachers participating in the project

  • to show some historic landmarks of the Po Delta territory.

  • the activities helped both students and teachers to get acquainted with each other in order to make it easier for further work on the project

- a slight technical problem concerning one of the presentations

Tuesday, Oct 18th

-The day was devoted to two visits strictly connected to the topic of the Right to Work: - in the morning a guided visit to the plants of Conserve Italia, a leader food company in Europe based in the surroundings of Codigoro. The visit was followed by a short meeting where more specific questions could be asked about the working conditions inside the factory;

- in the afternoon, after a quick lunch all together at a pizza shop, a guided visit to Co.Pe.Go, a shellfish cooperative company based in Goro, in the very Po Delta area, and to the fish market auction.

-On the way back to Codigoro, a quick visit to the 16th-c. Este Castle in Mesola.

  • to visit places where people work in order to encourage awareness of the different working conditions at a highly automatized factory and a cooperative system company.

  • to show some aspects of the Po Delta territory.

  • students had the opportunity to see and learn about different working


  • output of the activity: guest students’ essays concerning the topic of the Right to Work

Wednesday, Oct 19th

Morning at school:

- all students (guests and hosts) were gathered in a large classroom and presented the project “Words of the Human Rights and emotions” realized by an Human Science Italian teacher. In the first part of the project, students in groups were involved a game related to human rights/emotions and individual gestures. Guided by the teacher, students worked out a list of 17 words (e.g. freedom, diversity, respect, fear, creativity,…), writing them in the different languages, and then were asked to ‘show’ the words with their gestures.

- After the break, all guest students attended classes with their hosts.

Afternoon trip to Comacchio:

-guided boat excursion in the Lagoons and visit to the fishing stations, the ancient "huts" where fishermen lived when, in the past, they worked in these waters. -quick visit to the “Trepponti” the landmark symbol of Comacchio, the lagoon town.

  • to share and reflect by means of individual gestures on the values / non-values related to human rights

  • to show some aspects of the Po Delta territory.

- the activities contributed to:

- the general awareness of the Human Rights and the importance of their defence;

- know the harsh working conditions in the Po Delta territory in the past.

Thursday, Oct 20th

Morning at school:

-the second part of the project “Words of the Human Rights and emotions” took place in a special room where some students agreed to be photographed (by the teacher in charge of the project) while responding to an emotion /a human right word out of the list made the previous day.

- After the break we left by bus for Ferrara: a guided tour of the Este Castle. The visit to the historic building included the impressive prisons, which allowed teachers to make students reflect once again on the importance of human rights.

  • to share and reflect by means of individual gestures on the values / non-values related to human rights

  • to show the main city in the Po Delta area

- the activities contributed to:

- the general awareness of the Human Rights and the importance of their defence.

Friday, Oct 21st

Morning at school:

- Students, in mixed groups, were involved in an art workshop in the school hall, where they made posters about human rights.;

- later they all gathered in the school gym for an exciting sports activity : a number of team games organised by two PE teachers.

-The mobility week had its conclusion at the theatre in Codigoro with a farewell evening attended by all students and their host families: an amazing event of music, songs, dances, a school version of “Othello”, the video of the Polish mobility.

  • to involve students and teachers in a creative activity that expresses their perception of human rights

  • to make students share a moment of special fun and strengthen the sense of friendship developed during the whole week.

  • to involve students and families in an atmosphere of friendship and emotions.

  • The activities helped students to express their creativity in relation to human rights;

  • to share the value of friendship

Saturday, Oct 22nd


Ferrara railway station transfer.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values