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German mobility schedule

17. 11. 13
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Sunday (07.05.2017)
Arrival of the guests

At school we will have all the sessions in the room 701/702. The computer room 607 will also
be blocked for us during the mobility.
Safe transport and meals are provided by host families.
Please carry the telephone numbers and addresses of your hosts with you at all times.


Monday (08.05.2017)
07.55 school starts
08.00 “Welcome to the Gymnasium in der Taus” and “Welcome to Backnang”

presentations of the schools and their H-days activities
preparing the visit to the European Council
getting to know the city of Backnang

we would like to finish at 16.00

Tuesday (09.05.2017) Strasbourg in France
07.00 meeting point: school, passport check for the trip (NO passport – NO trip!)
07.15 departure
10.45 reception at the European Council (security check as at the airports!)
17.00 expected to be home in Backnang

Wednesday (10.05.2017)
08.00 Presentations on migration
10.30 walking to the station to catch the S3 (public transport like a train) to Stuttgart

and then a short walk to the museum

12.30 2 guided tours through the Linden Museum in Stuttgart (Arabic/Asian Migration)
14.00 back at the station in Stuttgart: exploring the Königsstraße
15.45 depature of S3 back to Backnang
16.17 arrival in Backnang / the trip ends here
19.00 – Liederabend at the school ground floor followed by a buffet

Thursday (11.05.2017)
08.00 – Planning game on migration (introduction – the game – reflection)
lunch break
14.30 – “Migration put into perspective”: the possibility to chat with people from
16.00 different countries who migrated to Germany for various reasons

Friday (12.05.2017)
8.00 – reflection on migration and our possible input
9.45 lessons with the partners

and after school time with the hosts

Saturday (13.05.2017) “Time to say good-bye”

Human Rights in a European Community of Values