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Human Rights of Free Europe: refugee students’ experience

16. 04. 18
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Documentary about the experience of refugee students in Spain. The life situation of these students will serve as a guideline for reflection on the reality of Human Rights in the European Union. The product will include testimonials from other students of the associated centres who are in a situation of political or economic exile.

The objectives of this product are:

- To study learning, reflection and conclusions on human rights in Europe, from a political refugees experience of participating in the project.

- To expand the wealth of knowledge of other European societies and their rights by participating in the mobilities of these students.

- To compare the state of human rights in different areas of European society and the territory of origin of the pupils at exile.

- To promote awareness of the fragility of human rights in many societies around the world.

The documentary will be produced throughout the project, especially during the mobilities. In the last quarter of 2017 it will be edited in order to be presented at the final multiplier event.

The final product will be released in digital format on DVD. Also, maximum dissemination across different platforms, social networks and the educational portal of the project will be ensured.

Organisation leading the activity: IES CABO DE LA HUERTA

Human Rights in a European Community of Values