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Methodological and Didactic Guide: “Human Rights at School”

16. 04. 18
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Specialised staff at the University of Alicante will coordinate the creation of a practical handbook divided into four blocks:

The first block is titled Values and Human Rights. This section focuses on conceptual issues concerning universal values ​​from which the fundamental rights we will cover derive.

The situation of Human Rights in my Environment is the title of the second block. It describes a set of guidelines and strategies to detect the reality of human rights within the scope of application of the project. This section includes a data-collection methodological planning in terms of quantity and quality. This systematic collection of data will allow to make a diagnosis of the particular reality of schools and their immediate surroundings. Also, objective benchmarks to compare the data obtained in different areas will be established.

The third block is titled Rights during Discourse. In this section debate and argument building are promoted. Values ​​and rights become reasons in the speech or discourse. This will be done by addressing the rules for good argumentation to subsequently give way to the practice of debate.

The last block is titled The Rights as a Responsibility. This section is centred on the development of strategies and activities that will act directly on those situations where schools have a higher risk of actual violation of the rights and freedoms analysed. In this regard, the Peer Tutoring program that is already being implemented in the Spanish centre and will be disseminated to the other partnerswill be especially important.

This intellectual product will be the final summation of all methodological proposals, strategies, lesson and action plans to be created jointly throughout the three years of work, all of it coordinated by specialists of the University of Alicante.

The Complete guide will be published by the University of Alicante. Additionally it will be possible to access its digital format through the educational portal

Organisation leading the development: University of Alicante.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values