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16. 04. 19
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The educational portal will safeguard all generated materials that will be available to any potentially interested recipient. The resources for the sustainability of the domain and hosting do not account for more than 50 euros per year. All project partners commit to maintaining an active domain for at least 5 years after its completion.

Collaboration in e-Twinning establishes cooperation frameworks amongst centres that tend to consolidate over time within other projects and collaborations.

Students and teachers mobilities create interpersonal bonds among participating youngsters and teachers that can be consolidated in subsequent contacts.

Acquisition and use of the Europass card.

The methodological framework for innovation and collaboration among centres is a boost for the academic life of each centre that consolidate dynamics in the teaching intervention in the future.

Material resources intended as Exceptional Costs become audiovisual material to be used for future experiences.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values