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Responsibilities and Dissemination Resources

16. 04. 19
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Guido Monaco di Pomposa school, given their previous experience in e-Twinning projects, will be responsible for coordinating the dissemination plans.

Human resources:

- Project dissemination coordinator.

- Dissemination coordinators of each of the centres.

- Experts from the University of Alicante.


Technical Resources:

- e-Twinning portal.

- Web portal manager (CMS Joomla):

- Hosting manager (cpanel) for visitor and downloads statistics.

- Impact surveys to students and teachers generated in Google Forms.


Free access to materials

In the context and importance of valuing the vehicle that gives rise to the licensed contents the following preconditions are established, inspired by the Creative Commons standards in case of content exploitation by third parties:

- Recognition and attribution (by): an explicit mention of the mastermind of the content should be made and of the fact it has been developed within the HUMREV project funded by the Erasmus + 2015 initiative.

- Noncommercial (nc): the use or exploitation, or reuse of resources for commercial purposes will not be allowed. Neither of each product nor of its derivative works.

- Share alike (sa): all works derived from licensed resources will be shared with the same conditions as the originals.

- Under Creative Commons standards we will refer to such licenses by the acronym (by-nc-sa).

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