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Use of project results

16. 04. 19
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The dissemination of the project is based on three complementary pillars:

    1. The educational portal from which developed materials will be disseminated through the following strategies:

- Intracentre dissemination: each school will appoint a teacher in charge of managing and disseminating project content produced in their own centre (dissemination coordinator). This figure will facilitate the incorporation of portal content to the teaching dynamics of the centres, encouraging the development of teaching-learning activities which in turn could generate new content for the portal.

- Intercentre dissemination: content generated and developed by participating institutions have mutual impact, since access to materials incorporated into the portal from the other centres will be encouraged by dissemination coordinators. This will allow a comparative analysis of the different realities at a transnational level.

- External dissemination in the media: results will appear in the same local and regional media used to carry out the project. The framework of cooperation with the Agency of Local Development of the City of Alicante offers a platform to contact the local and regional media that will increase the chances of potential impact, as well as primary schools of the respective districts of influence of each secondary school.

      2. Impact on specialised academic areas:

Collaboration with the University guarantees that some of the results of the project, especially the ones concerning intellectual products, have an impact on national and international magazines and specialised journals.

      3. Exchanges made through the e-Twinning platform with other schools susceptible to join any of the activities developed within the project. This dissemination scope would have a national, transnational and European impact.

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