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Measuring tools impact

16. 04. 19
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Through anonymous online surveys in the Google Forms platform for statistical collection of quantitative results, as well as having a database and opinions bank as quality indicators to analyse possible improvements to be incorporated.

Types of surveys:

To students: the survey will enable students to make a self-assessment of language and digital skills acquired, the level of knowledge of what it means to be a European citizen and the level of respect and development of Human Rights in their environment. It will have a section to assess the degree of satisfaction with the experiments carried out in the different activities of the project.

To teachers: a survey divided into three parts will be developed: self-assessment of learning skills and competencies acquired in the project, analysis of the strengths and weaknesses found and collection of qualitative suggestions for results improvement.

To parents: this third type of survey will assess the reception experience within the mobilities and collect suggestions to maximise their positive impact on the participating families.

Contrast test. We will analyse all the above issues conducting this survey among students who have not participated in the project (a school from another town), but are willing to collaborate with the survey. We will see the differences between the responses of students involved in the project and students who do not know about it.





Tools available in the control panel of the web portal like visits meters (frequency, origin...) and downloads.

Contact with other centres through the e-Twinning platform that will allow us to quantify the number of centres interested in the project.

Number of students, teachers, families and authorities involved in the project or any of its activities.

It is the Gymnasium in der Tauss responsibility to carry out the Impact Monitoring. They will assess the results of impact surveys to subsequently  generate evaluation reports on those results, which will be reviewed in each transnational meeting for the subsequent joint monitoring by all partners to establish appropriate guidelines for improvement after performing both the quantitative and qualitative analysis on impact results.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values