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16. 04. 19
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Online publication of articles on environmental education. Creation of video-tutorial for the school web and a audio-tutorial for the local radio focused on environmental issues. Studentsessays on environmental education. Workshops about environmental sustainability, raised from the perspective of the Natural Science, Social Science and ICT. Conducting lessons in a natural environment. Experts talks on labour integration and environment.


Essays for their online publication (web portal) on the rights of minorities. Visits to care centres for the disabled, care homes for the elderly, NGOs, immigrant centre of Oulu as an awareness campaign on Human Rights and tolerance toward minorities. Creation of a blog about Human Rights and minorities. Analysis of architectural barriers to develop empathy with students with functional disabilities using wheelchairs.


Online Publications about religious freedom. Charity market on Human Rights. Participation in the EuroSoc program about childrens rights and domestic violence. "Only one world, a space for debate. HDays dedicated to Human Rights. Students debates about tolerance and intolerance in the local society.


"Diversity coach, training program to promote the School about racism, make students think and motivate them to have an active, social involvement. Audiovisual record of all developed activities.


Sport events: integration capacity of sport. Compilation of songs and poems on gender equality. Compilation of newspaper articles, magazines and media news about the violation of Human Rights, particularly on gender equality. Inclusion in the curriculum of the subjects of topics related to Human Rights, especially the right to education, freedom of expression and gender equality. HDays organised by the NGDO Entreculturas. Seminars and debates (University/High School) on environmental justice. Visits in the immediate surroundings to demonstrate the differences in the environmental conditions of the area. Visits to natural enclaves to sensitise on the need to preserve the environment.


Mobility is one of the key elements of this project. First, one of the main priorities of the project is to promote and enhance studentscontact with different socio-cultural realities of the European Union, in order to contribute to generating a sense of belonging to a common European space. It is therefore essential that students value the need for a common communication tool that will be in our case the English language. Also, the mobilities are essential for successfully completing the work done by all partners during a quarter.

Human Rights in a European Community of Values